How to dress for your body shape, organize your closet, put complete outfits together and MORE!


Look Beautiful. Feel Beautiful.

You no longer have to experience information overload surfing the web aimlessly hoping that you can find what you're looking for when it comes to fashion. That's why we at Fashion Meets Faith created the VIP membership – just for YOU!

The #1 asked question is "how do I dress for my body shape?" The first featured course of the VIP membership is BODX –how to dress for your body shape.

Learn how to:

  • Dress for your body shape with BODX
  • Accessorize with Put It All Together
  • How to organize your closet with 27 Hangers
  • Get a FREE style chat with one of the Fashion Meets Faith team members
  • Fall/Winter + Spring/Summer Trends
  • and MORE!!


As A VIP Member You'll Receive...

A 12-month subscription with complete access to the Fashion Meets Faith online courses.

  • NEW! BODX: How to Dress for Your Body Shape – Instant Access!
  • NEW! Color Bootcamp – Instant Access!
  • 27 Hangers – Instant Access!
  • Star Style (Accessory) – Unlocks November 2017
  • Best Hairstyle for your Face Shape – Unlocks October 2017
  • How to Put Your Outfits Together – Unlocks November 2017
  • Dressing for Your Style Personality – Unlocks November 2017
  • 10 min LIVE video chat with FMF Style Expert to determine your Color Code, Body Shape and Star Style – Available October 1!
  • Additional courses added to your Library including Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Trends and How to Wear Them and Going Deeper in Your Faith 
  • Fall/Winter issue of More to Life Christian Magazine