The CIC Academy covers over 20+ hours of online video training from the Christian Image Consultant Academy founder, Shari Braendel and her team. These online training videos cover a wide range of must-have skill-sets that all students are required to master before graduating.

Along with over 20 hours of online course sessions, you will also receive 5 weeks of LIVE 60 to 90 minute sessions each Tuesday Nights beginning April 2, 2019 @ 8 pm eastern time zone. All sessions are recorded and you do not need to attend if there is a conflict. You must review (live or not) all sessions as a requirement for the CIC Certification.

Topics and other benefits covered during this course:

COLOR ANALYSIS by the Color Code system to correctly analyze a person’s best colors. Professional Color Test Capes and Color Swatches are included in tuition.

BODX training guidelines to learn how to consult on a woman’s body shape and teach her to dress to flatter her shape.

STAR STYLE system so the CIC can help a woman understand the correct size patterns, prints, accessories according to frame size.

STYLE/CLOTHING PERSONALITY system to guide a woman to a particular style.

SHARING JESUS and how to incorporate your testimony/story to reach others through the avenue of fashion.

MARKETING YOUR MINISTRY and business resources to help you get your business off to a great start.

CIC MANUAL with Bonus Forms to use in your own business/ministry.

CIC MONTHLY CONTINUING EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES. Ongoing optional monthly training provided for continued support as a Certified CIC. First year free for new students; $99 yearly after first full year. Interaction with CIC Alumni in our private FB group included.

CIC DIRECTORY on the www.fashionmeetsfaith.com website to promote your business.

Opportunity to become a CIC Ambassador to serve the 27 Hangers Women Matter Initiative to Non-Profits.

AFFILIATE opportunities for FMF products.

Are you interested in becoming the next Christian Image Consultant, yet have a few more questions to ask...I invite you to schedule a one-on-one call with me. Simply send me an email: shari@fashionmeetsfaith.com.

Hope to chat with you soon!



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